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Introducing Cavalier™

Unmatched High-Fidelity Cybercrime Intelligence Data that Defends From Ransomware, Business Espionage & Network Overtakes.

Ideal for Threat Intelligence Companies, Network Security Teams, MSSP’s, Non-Profits & Governmental Agencies.

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Learn About Our Compromised Credentials Data

Hudson Rock’s unique cybercrime intelligence data and analysis has already helped some of the largest companies in the world avert Ransomware attacks and Data Breach incidents.

Our customer include:

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Defend & Protect with Cavalier™:

Cavalier™ is based on forensic technologies and operational knowhow developed at the IDF’s 8200 Unit to counter nation-state adversaries and professional threat-actors.
It is a unique cybercrime intelligence database composed of millions of machines compromised in global malware spreading campaigns. The data is augmented monthly with tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands of new compromised machines.
Cavalier’s™ high-fidelity data protects employees, partners, customers, and digital assets with unprecedented granularity of threat vectors including Ransomware, Business Espionage, Breaches & Network Overtakes.

Cavalier™ is Available for:

Customer Enrichment
Sales Development
Corporate Credentials
(API & Raw Bulk)
Personal Credentials
(API & Raw Bulk)
(API & Raw Bulk)
Web History
(API & Raw Bulk)
Auto-Complete Info
(API & Raw Bulk)
Session IDs
(API & Raw Bulk)

Cavalier is also available for non-profit and governmental agencies. Contact us to discuss pricing.

About Us:

Hudson Rock’s boots-on-the-ground approach to cybercrime threats is rooted in our team’s backgrounds in the IDF's prestigious 8200 Cyber Unit, where our CTO pioneered cybercrime intelligence activities and forensic technologies against nation-state adversaries.

Roi Carthy

Co-Founder & CEO

Roi is a serial-entrepreneur and award-winning CMO. He was also Managing Partner at Initial Capital, a private investment firm that focused on early-stage investments in Israel & Brazil.

Alon Gal

Co-Founder & CTO

Alon pioneered cybercrime intelligence at the 8200 Unit. His insights and commentary on cybercrime have been featured in countless media outlets, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, and more.

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