Hudson Rock’s products — Cavalier & Bayonet — are powered by our continuously augmented cybercrime database, composed of millions of machines compromised in global malware spreading campaigns.

Our high-fidelity data is sourced directly from threat actors — not from database leaks.


Compromised Machines


Compromised Employees

The Hudson Rock API

A Robust Cybercrime Intelligence Feed:

  • End-User Protection
  • Infrastructure Protection
  • Supply Chain Risk Assessment
  • Assets Discovery

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Hudson Rock is Trusted by:

  • Security & Threat Intelligence Teams
  • Cyber-Insurance Providers
  • 3rd Party Risk Assessment Providers
  • MSSPs
  • Governmental Agencies

Cavalier™ — For Threat Intelligence Professionals

Are you a security professional charged with bolstering platform integrity and defending against Account Take Over (ATO), Ransomware Attacks & Corporate Espionage?

With Cavalier™ you will be immediately notified about Compromised Credentials belonging to your Employees, Customers, Users & Vendors.

Cavalier™ Includes:

  • Compromised Employees
  • Compromised Customers & Users
  • Compromised Supply Chain
  • Compromised Android Users
  • Compromised Leaked Database
  • Compromised CXO’s & Family Members

Bayonet™ — For Cybersecurity Sales Teams & MSSPs

Are you a sales professional selling products and services in the cybersecurity space looking for more leads and prospects?

With Bayonet™ you get access to hundreds of thousands of compromised companies around the world with active vulnerabilities that you can convert into customers.

Bayonet™ Includes:

  • Search for Prospects by Name
  • Search by Geography
  • Search by Industry
  • Search for Prospects by Login Infrastructure
  • Granular Supply Chain Risk Assessments
  • Compromised Credentials
  • Discover Technologies Used by Prospects

Trusted by Security Teams at Leading Companies.

Hudson Rock’s unique cybercrime intelligence data and analysis has already helped some of the largest companies in the world avert Ransomware attacks and other threat actor incidents.

Among Our Customers:

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